Apprenticeships are designed to help YOU earn money, gain experience and build YOUR career

On an apprenticeship you are employed in a role while studying a formal qualification – usually for one day a week. By the end of your apprenticeship, you will have gained the Knowledge, skills and Behaviours needed to either develop your career further within the sector or progress to the next apprenticeship level.

·       CIH Formal, widely recognised housing qualification at the appropriate level

·       Portfolio of evidence to display what Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours you have developed throughout your apprenticeship

·       Maths and English Level 2 – if not already achieved

·       Case Study (Level 2) or Project (Level 3 & 4)

·       Final assessment interview

Programmes vary from 14 months up to 24 months depending on level and number of hours worked.

At LBL Skills we specialise in Housing apprenticeship standards. The current standards we are offer are:

Housing and Property Management Assistant Level 2

Housing and Property Management Level 3 

Senior Housing and Property Management Level 4 


If you are interested in taking one of these apprenticeships or interested in these for your organisation, please get in contact with us on 01933 678110 or email