Why Train Your Staff in 2017?

Training Class

September, 2017

Many people from varied employment backgrounds are choosing to start a career in Housing just as it enters another period of significant change. Housing Associations, Councils and ALMOs are often attracted to the innovation, perspective and skills. Such industry newcomers can bring these to their teams from the ‘outside world’.

It has, often been said in many different ways ‘to shape the future effectively it would be prudent to understand the past’. With that in mind many organisations appreciate that their staff need to not only understand the company ethos but also its key functions. Training through a brief history of Social Housing and an Introduction to Social Housing today and the likely imminent changes, has served to make the difference to new members of staff at a number of London based Housing organisations.

The importance of training new staff doesn’t end at this point. The recommendation that organisations should ‘train staff well enough so they can leave but treat them well enough so they choose not to’ comes to mind. The innovation, perspective and skills such newcomers can bring, in part, can be retained by ensuring their move to Housing is not a fleeting one.

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