Mission Impossible: Less Money for the Same Service

Apartment Block

October, 2017

A business is asked to deliver the same quality of service for less money. Can such a challenge be described as “Mission Impossible”?

Well, this is the dilemma facing Social Landlords over the next 48 months with rents being cut by 1% every twelve months. Many Housing organisations are already meeting that challenge by examining how they spend the funds they already receive and this has led some to proposing cuts to areas they feel are of lower priority.
Others are meeting the challenge head on by acknowledging that customer use of digital services and social media can help to significantly reduce the cost of service provision in 2016. Regardless of the route taken the old fashioned method of face to face or telephone interaction will, I suspect, always remain. If this is the case then staff who can provide a more efficient and effective service to customers become even more important in this process.
With this in mind many organisations are closely examining their human resources and the need to develop and improve existing staff through training in areas such as Time Management, Assertiveness & Confidence Building or simply the varied levels of Project Management.

In effect they are looking to go beyond ‘Less Money for the Same Service’. They are attempting to provide an ‘Even Better Service for Less Money’.


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