Social Housing Today

Housing Act 2004

December, 2017

A key objective of social housing is to provide accommodation that is affordable to people who have little to no income. In England, social housing accounts for 17% of all households.

Due to the environment in which social housing organisations operate, they are constantly changing.  That is why it is vital to make sure you keep you and your staff up to date with all of the information on social housing today.

Our interactive ‘Introduction to social housing’ course is delivered through an extensive one day programme that provides delegates with an up to date overview and understanding of the social housing sector and the environment in which these housing organisations operate.

We consider the key challenges and new opportunities that Social Housing providers face. As we all know that the more you understand these, the better you will understand your role within the organisation and how we all play a part in helping better the lives of those who are in need of social housing.

Do you or your team members need insight into social housing today? Or an understanding of the history? We provide the perfect training course that explains just that as well as much more, engaging the audience with Presentations, Q and A sessions, case studies, group discussions, short films and course hand-outs.

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