The Importance of Customer Service in 2018

Customer Service

April, 2018

Just under two years ago in a post called ‘The Power of One’ I referred to the personal experience of my colleague and friend who made a vow to not fly with a particular airline ever again.

He explained that this decision, which on the surface seemed very dramatic, was based on a poor customer service experience during one particular flight. My colleague gave the airline the chance to resolve the issue but they failed to do so.

Speaking to other friends and colleagues as well as hundreds of my students it became evident that this story is not uncommon. Poor customer service can not only lose your company a customer but one recent study indicated that the same dissatisfied customer tells twice as many people about their bad experience as your happy clients. In fact, shockingly, one report listed that up to 89% of customers stated that they had ended their relationship with businesses due to poor customer service.

Lack of availability, slow speed of response, avoiding ownership of queries, poor personal care, limited knowledge, poor telephone and online availability are all key factors in 2018. Several years ago, it was all about Cost, Location and Product. Now there is far more to consider and in an age of Social Media any negative comments can be instantly broadcast to existing and potential customers.

I was recently asked whether the type of business made a huge difference. Well LBL Skills train staff at large event locations like Alexandra Palace where customers can vote with their feet as well as large Social Housing providers such as Peabody where choosing to go elsewhere is not a realistic option.

Regardless of the type of business customer service is inextricably linked to customer satisfaction and even Social Housing providers are ultimately affected by their own governing body ratings which take such factors into consideration.

LBL Skills now provide Level 2 Award training in ‘The Principles of Customer Service’ RQF in just one day. As expected this course covers the key elements but allows time for bespoke learning outcomes related to your business.

Please contact us to book or find out more or call 01933 678110.


Written by Business Development Director, Oliver Henry.


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