Introduction to Learning

Reading Skills

  • It is essential that each student clearly reads the assignment brief and keeps this in mind when reading all researched material
  • Think of how what you are reading will help you meet the criteria set out in the assignment
  • Do not only read isolated sections of journals and related publications as context is always important

Taking Notes

  • Take the opportunity to record brief, relevant notes during classroom sessions
  • Make a point of noting key points that are not recorded on classroom slides
  • Review your notes before writing your assignment


  • Level 2 qualifications do not require Harvard Referencing, however it is still prudent to highlight the source of any information used
  • Level 3 qualifications and above require the use of referencing. Harvard Referencing is recommended

Reading an Assignment Brief

  • Various request such as justify, explain and describe are frequently found in assignment briefs
  • Consider what these and similar words require from you as the student when writing your assignment
  • The attached Study Guide deals with these words in more detail

Writing Your Assignment

  • The assessment criteria will be central to your success when writing your assignment
  • Carefully examine all of the criterion before and after completion
  • This is vital because failure to meet even one of the criterion will lead to a referral

Presentation Skills

  • Review the attached Presentation Skills Slides below

Additional Guidance

  • This section will be regularly updated


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