Meet the Team

We are proud to introduce to you the people behind the scenes. Meet our team here at LBL Skills, we all work close together to ensure we give our customers the best experience we can.

  • Oliver Henry

    Oliver Henry


    Business Development Director

  • Leigha Allebone

    Leigha Allebone


    Learning and Development Manager

  • Shannon Greenhalgh

    Shannon Greenhalgh




  • Sarah O'Neill

    Sarah O’Neill


    Health and Social

  • Marlon Imamshah

    Marlon Imamshah


    H & S, Health and Social Care

  • Suzanne Coker

    Suzanne Coker



  • Mark Hillary

    Mark Hillary


    CIH & Personal Development

  • David Wardle

    David Wardle


    Chartered Institute of Housing

  • Ruth Willerton

    Ruth Willerton


    Internal Quality Assurance