Developing a Performing Team

Maintain Boundaries

This workshop sets out the significant differences between managers and leaders. It then aims to give clarity to both roles and identifies where they overlap. These roles are inextricably linked to the development of performing teams. It highlights how each role is essential and how leaders and managers must balance the needs of such teams against its individual members, while not losing site of the task.

Learning Outcomes

  • Establish the difference between Management & Leadership
  • Discern the role of Motivation and how uncertainty may have some influence
  • Identify what is expected from a Leader
  • Examine the effectiveness of the ‘Servant Leader’
  • Discuss balancing the team, the task and individual functions
  • Understand Leadership Success Factors

Training Methods

Workshop will include 3 more of the following methodologies: Presentations, Discussions, Group Work, Q & A, Short Films

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