We have an exciting new training provision available, a selection of e-learning courses for your staff to compliment your current training portfolio.

Why use e-learning?

  • Short, concise, informative training sessions
  • Able to work around a work schedule, environment
  • Low cost but high reward
  • Employee can learn at their pace, with a variety of learning styles

Each module is 30-45 minutes in length and is a combination of video, slides and questions. The session ends with a test to complete which will assess and reinforce knowledge and understanding.

There are a variety of courses available for your team to access to help them be an effective team member or manager.

There is also the option to add your own bespoke courses. For example you could add in elements of your induction training, social media or any other annual refresher training.

Training certificates are available for each course.

Reports can be created to capture the overall score and date the training took place. You can run the report by trainees, department or teams or course title.

  • You can compare trainees so that you can understand how many trainees have got a question correct and incorrect and identify training needs.
  • You can see how many people are in each group and how many courses haven’t been started and how many have been completed.
  • You can also see all the members in the group and how many courses they have competed and have outstanding, as well as when they last trained.

Low cost option to support your current training, as little as £24.99* per session.

*This option is subject to minimum delegates/licence.

Interested? Would you like to know more?

A selection of courses available are:

All employees

Managers and Leaders


Active Listening

Equality and diversity

Maintaining a harassment free office

Performance and well-being

Social Media and Online Etiquette

Success in My Organisation, why it’s up to me

Business Attitute

How to run a successful meeting

Maintaining a Harassment Free Office

Performance and Wellbeing

Managing Change

Office Leadership Skills

Hire, so you don’t have to fire Developing People

Office Manual Handling

Office Safety for Today’s Workplace

Risk Management Safety Essentials

Office Fire Prevention and Response

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