Gypsy and Traveller – Effective Management and Enforcement of Unauthorised Encampments

Unauthorised Encampment

This course outlines the most effective way to manage an unauthorised encampment and the various enforcement routes available to a land owner in successfully removing the encampment, whilst keeping costs to a minimum.  It highlights the role of the Police and Local Authority when dealing with an unauthorised encampment, and discusses preemptive measures that can be taken to prevent unauthorised encampments occurring.

Learning Outcomes

  • Appropriate Risk Assessment of an unauthorised encampment
  • Effective Liaison Techniques
  • Service Standards for Managing an unauthorised encampment
  • The legal framework for enforcement and removal
  • The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1984 Powers
  • Civil Procedure Rule 55
  • The Role of the Police
  • The Role of the Local Authority
  • Effective methods of prevention through the courts
  • Effective site assessment and protection methods

Training Methods

All courses use various methods of engagement including Presentations, Q and A, Case studies, Group discussions, Short Films and Course hand-outs.

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