Leasehold s20 Consultation and Service Charges

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Leasehold and s20 consultation only makes a service charge chargeable but does not guarantee that the leaseholder will pay the service charge without question when it arrives. Often leaseholders may choose to not engage with the organisation during consultation then raise concerns later on in the process and even refuse to pay. these challenges and the legal responsibilities of the all parties will be examined and clarified during this training programme.

Learning Outcomes

  • Key legislation covering leases
  • Legal Framework for covering service charges
  • S20 consultation of major works;

What are qualifying works

What are qualifying long term agreements

What you have to do during the three

stages of consultation – Pre tender,

Tender, Award of contract Award of contract

  • Alternative routes to s20 consultation
  • What to do if you failed to carry out s20 consultation?
  • Has s20 consultation been watered down in the light of case law?
  • What to do if Service Charge is not paid;

Death and service charge

Remedies available for non payment of service charge

  • Money claims how do you issue, take to court etc
  • Forfeiture
  • Declarations in the Tribunal
  • The likely defences to money claims, forfeiture
  • Enforcement action where county court judgments for the debt have been obtained or declarations
  • What to do if the leasehold counter claims for disrepair
  • Introduction taking or responding to case in the Tribunal

Training Methods

All courses use various methods of engagement including Presentations, Q and A, Case studies, Group discussions, Short Films and Course hand-outs.

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