ILM Level 3 Certificate

Business Woman

This programme has been designed to equip front-line managers and leaders with the tools and skills required to build and develop a team that gets results. The programme’s unique design combines the delivery of knowledge with relevant workplace simulations that both challenge and support learners to tackle more complex issues. Using tools common with FSTE 100 companies learners will enhance their levels of emotional intelligence and build their leadership capability, meaning that by the end of the programme they will be well placed to lead and manage their team to get great results.

What makes up the programme

The programme consists of 6 workshops, 2 action learning sets, 10 webinars, and 3 self and peer assessments, supported by a range of other learning resources. Learners also have full access to the ILM Leadership suite of learning resources.

Business Woman

The units making up the programme are

  • Developing Yourself & Others
  • Understanding Leadership
  • Solving Problems
  • Making Decisions
  • Workplace Mentoring
  • Planning Change in the Workplace
  • Planning & Allocating Work
  • Managing Workplace Projects


What learners will need to do to complete the programme

Complete 7 assignments, 5 reflective accounts and attend all the workshops, action learning sets and webinars.

How long is the programme

The programme will run for between 12 and 16 months, depending on the organisation.

Process to get started

Each programme is designed to run with between 10 and 14 learners which can be made up of learners from one or more organisations. Each learner will need to complete a pre-assessment to ensure that the programme is right for them and to consider any prior learning already completed.

Training Methods

All courses use various methods of engagement including Presentations, Q and A, Case studies, Group discussions, Short Films and Course hand-outs.

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