Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel 2010

(Introductory, Intermediate or Advanced)

Delegates can attend a course a course aimed at beginners through to a session aimed at advanced students who already have a considerable understanding of Excel.

The Differentiated learning outcomes below set out the varied learning related to the level of training each student chooses to attend.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the concepts of Excel spreadsheets
  • Create, edit and format a worksheet
  • Use formulas for basic calculations
  • Copy and move data
  • Preview and print worksheets
  • Apply in automatic formatting
  • Create and edit charts and graphs
  • Manage and enhance large worksheets
  • Create formulas across multiple worksheets
  • Create range names and use range names in formulas
  • Effective represent complex data graphically
  • Understanding the concepts of databasing and create and modify databases
  • Sort lists and filter information
  • Use logical and lookup functions
  • Consolidate data on worksheet by category and position
  • Set data restrictions using data validation
  • Effectively use subtotal feature
  • Create and edit pivot tables
  • Protect the Excel worksheet

Key Topics Covered:

Exploring Excel

  • Starting & Exiting Excel
  • Microsoft Office Backstage
  • Working with Excel Windows,
    Worksheets & Menu Commands
  • Displaying & Hiding Toolbars

Using Basic Workbook Skills

  • Creating & Saving a New Workbook
  • Selecting Cells, Entering & Editing Data
  • Opening an Existing Workbook
  • Using Data Entry Shortcuts
  • Renaming an Existing Workbook

Working with Ranges

  • Selecting Adjacent & Non-Adjacent
  • Entering Values Into a Range
  • Using the Auto Fill Feature

Creating Simple Formulas

  • Using Formulas, AutoSum Button
  • Using the AutoSum List
  • Entering & Editing Basic Functions
  • Inserting Functions in Formulas
  • Using the AutoCalculate Feature
  • Using Range Borders to Modify

Copying & Moving Data

  • Copying/Cutting & Pasting Data
  • Using the Paste Options Smart Tag
  • Using the Paste List
  • Using the Clipboard Task Pane
  • Creating an Absolute Reference
  • Using Undo & Redo


Printing & Previewing Worksheets Using Page Setup

  • Editing Margins, Orientation,
    Alignment, Headers & Footers, Printing
    Gridlines, Repeating Row & Columns
    Labels Scaling a Worksheet, Page
    Break Preview & Setting/Removing a
    Print Area

Formatting Numbers & Text

  • Applying Number Styles & Decimal
  • Character Formatting
  • Rotating, Wrapping & Shrinking Text in
    a Cell
  • Merging Cells & Changing Text Indent
  • Text Alignment & Borders & Fill

Formatting Cells

  • Changing Cell Alignment
  • Creating Cell Borders
  • Using the Fill Colour Button
  • Using the Format Painter Button
  • Inserting & Deleting Selected Cells

Working with Columns & Rows

  • Inserting, Deleting, Adjusting,
    Hiding & Unhiding Rows & Columns

Using Automatic Formatting

  • Cell Styles
  • Themes


Training Methods:

All courses use various methods of engagement including Presentations, Q and A, Case studies, Group discussions, Short Films and Course hand-outs. 

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