Microsoft Word

AET Level 3

(Introductory, Intermediate or Advanced)

Delegates can attend a course aimed at beginners through to a session aimed at advanced students who already have a considerable understanding of Word.

The differentiated learning outcomes below set out the varied learning related to the level of training each student chooses to attend.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding formatting features
  • Paragraph styles
  • Character styles
  • Re-using styles between documents
  • Adding text columns
  • Mail merges from database records
  • Creating the template to receive merged data
  • Creating place holders for data
  • Preparing and sorting your data
  • Merging data into letters and labels
  • Merging data into lists
  • Spacer image
  • Interactive Word documents
  • Inserting hyperlinks
  • HTML elements
  • Inserting and adding Office resources
  • Inserting spreadsheets
  • Inserting charts and graphs
  • Word Art
  • Using drawing tools
  • Print considerations
  • Protecting documents with passwords

Training Methods

All courses use various methods of engagement including Presentations, Q and A, Case studies, Group discussions, Short Films and Course hand-outs.

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