New to Management

New to Management

Across the UK thousands of employees, new and existing, move into management roles with little or no experience of their new position. These very capable members of staff often require encouragement to use and develop and projects. Fundamental elements of management such as delegation and time management are covered in this highly engaging training day aimed at new managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Essential qualities displayed by an effective manager
  • Discuss inevitable changes
  • Review the 8 steps they need to take
  • Examine 3 more important steps
  • Establish what Employees want and expect?
  • Identify what makes a High Performance Team
  • Discuss the art of Delegation
  • Recognise the importance of Time Management

Training Methods

All courses use various methods of engagement including Presentations,  Q and A, Case studies Group discussions, Short Films and Course hand-outs.

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