Welfare Reform – Explained 

Welfare Reform

This one day session will look in detail at the likely future for welfare reform and Universal Credit now that the Government has confirmed its plans to cut a further £12bn from the benefits budget, and to go full steam ahead with implementing UC.

The day will start with an overview of the controversial key changes announced in the Chancellor’s statements and the new Welfare Reform and Work Bill.

Learning Outcomes

  • The lowering of the benefits cap and the effect that will have locally
  • The rollercoaster that is Tax Credits – the current state of affairs
  • Changes in the calculation of housing benefit
  • Removal of benefits for third and subsequent children
  • Removing parts of ESA and UC for people who are too sick to work
  • The national rollout of PIP and the challenges ahead for DLA claimants facing reassessment
  • The changing face of sanctions and conditionality
  • The future for young people – housing, jobseeking, and the new Youth Obligation

The course will then examine what is happening with Universal Credit, and we will address:

  • The implementation of UC your area
  • Full detail of the gateway conditions prevailing in your area
  • The claiming process, the calculation, and the changes in the treatment of income
  • The latest measures for the protection of vulnerable people, such as Alternative Payment Arrangements, and how these are working in practice
  • Detailed examination of feedback from local authorities and social landlords and consider it in a local context

The course will examine the post-election changes and proposals in as much detail as is available, and we will discuss how best to prepare for a period of increasing austerity and complexity in the fast changing benefits world. We will also share examples of good practice and helpful resources.

Training Methods

All courses use various methods of engagement including Presentations, Q and A, Case studies, Group discussions, Short Films and Course hand-outs.

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